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Marketing in Politics: Our Three-Pronged Approach

Branding for voter awareness and persuasion, utilizing the voter registration file to locate and communicate online with individuals critical to the campaign and geo-fencing voting precincts to encourage people to get out to vote.

  • Develop compelling messages that will resonate with specific voters
  • Tailor those messages to unlikely voters and motivate them to come out and vote
  • Persuade voters through a three-pronged approach to build brand awareness
  • Utilize voter registration file to persuade and turn out to vote specific registered voters
  • Build custom online audiences, using voter registration files
  • Geo-Fence target campaign events and specific voters
  • Impact outcome by getting registered voters who would not normally vote to the polls

What is addressable geofencing?

We take the voter registration file and pair the address of the voters we want to target with plotline tax data to quickly draw an accurate geofence around the plot of their home. This ensures we are getting the right message to the right person, not people who are just passing by, in the home next door or the school across the street.

What is traditional geofencing?

We determine a time and place that your target voters will be somewhere and then we draw a geofence around that location. This is typically conventions and other voter heavy events. Once these are drawn, we build a pool of device IDs from the people who were at that location during that time. They are then targeted with ads across all devices in an effort to get them to the polls over the next 30 days.

How do we measure success?

We draw one final geofence around the polling place and measure activity there on election day. We treat this as a “conversion zone” which allows us to determine how many people we targeted made it out to go vote at their polling place.

When looking at our win rate for candidates that were Republican or Democrat we have a 75% win rate.